Lust Bite Trailers

October 1, 2010 01 An Inconvenient Truce
Mid October, 2010 02 Tonight, We Feast
End of October, 2010 03 The Queen Of Lust

November 6, 2010 01 Asa Akira / Johnny Sins full sex scene
November 13, 2010 01 Jessica / Jordan full sex scene
November 20, 2010 02 Full Orgy scene
November 27, 2010 03 Presley Maddox / Sabrina full lesbian
November 27, 2010 03 Asa / Johnny full BJ scene

Vampire Pornstars

The Queen

Lisa Ann

She is Queen of the vampires. On the outside she promotes unity but deep inside she has dark intentions. Although she looks beautiful, she is weak and needs a viral man to provide with a jolting dose of cum to keep her alive for the rest of eternity.

The Second in Command)

Diamond Foxxx

She is the second in command of the vampire clan. When detective Nails makes her cum like no human has before, she decides to spare his life and takes him to the Queen so she can also have a taste of his cum.

The Lawyer

Jessica Jaymes

As the spokesperson of the ACVHR, she is in charge of calling a truce between humans and vampires on national TV. She is one of the rare vampires that can stand the light of day for a while and when detective Nails investigates her, he discovers her real nature as she viciously kills her driver Jordan after fucking him and swallowing his cum.

The Queen's Daughter

Asa Akira

Daughter of Queen Lisa Ann, Asa has inherited her mother's beauty and seduction power. She uses such power to turn Officer Johnny Sins into her personal sex slave.

Detective Nails

Scott Nails

Scott is an anti-vampire, hard working, street detective with a hard on for justice. He will stop at nothing until he catches his criminal and busts his nut.

Officer Sins

Johnny Sins

Officer Sins is a laid back, chick magnet detective who cuts corners when it comes to paper work. What he lacks in discipline, he makes up for with cock.

The Driver

Jordan Ash

Jordan is a naive farm boy who moves to the big city only to end up a limo driver for the vampire association.

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